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Employees who expose corruption or wrongdoing on the part of an employer are granted certain legal protections and prerogatives under Florida's Whistle Blower Act. Since employers engaged in illegal activity are interested in avoiding exposure, employees who threaten to contact the authorities or who alert upper management are often subject to harassment, intimidation, or the loss of their job. Under Florida's Whistle Blower Act, whistle blowers are entitled to economic damages for acts of retaliation undertaken by an employer. Damages may include compensation for lost wages, lost earnings, denied stock options, cancellation of medical coverage, denied promotions, and emotional pain and suffering.

At the law office of Donna M. Ballman, P.A, we assert and protect the rights of whistle blowers, seeking damages against employers who engage in retaliatory actions against them. Don't assume you are powerless and without legal recourse - contact whistle blower law firm Donna M. Ballman, P.A. today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Protection on Florida's Whistle Blower Act

Under Florida's Whistle Blower Act, employees punished for exposing malfeasance on the part of their employer are entitled to certain protections. In general, the law protects employees who are punished by their employer for the following:

  • Objecting to or refusing to commit, or participate in, illegal activity
  • Providing written notice to a boss or manager threatening to inform governmental authorities of illegal activity committed by an employer
  • Cooperating with government authorities investigating acts of wrongdoing
How We Help Whistle Blowers

Employers confronted with workers who are willing to expose wrongdoing often engage in misdirection, obfuscation, and even intimidation. They will look for an excuse to deny a whistle blower a promotion, fire them for alleged abuse of company policy, or transfer them to another location. As your attorney, Ms. Ballman may initiate legal action against employers who attempt to retaliate against employees who expose malfeasance or criminal wrongdoing on the part of employers.

Our office assists in gathering pertinent evidence such as incriminating emails, memos, voice messages, and eyewitness testimony that reveals a pattern of harassment or intimidation if necessary. When an employee is fired, our office may subpoena human resources records, performance reviews, and other information that demonstrates a departure from procedure and discriminatory actions on the part of an employer.

Protecting Our Client's Reputation

Employers can also defame whistle blowers by spreading malicious lies or making unflattering statements about them. This can impact a whistle blower's ability to find employment within the company or elsewhere. As your attorney, Donna M. Ballman, P.A. may be able to help hold companies and employers legally and financially liable for slanderous and libelous statements that adversely affect her clients.

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There are other legal issues that impact whistle blower cases, such as federal or state anti-discrimination law. Understanding your protections and your rights is essential in evaluating the legal options available to you. The law office Donna M. Ballman, P.A. has the resources and knowledge needed to help you.

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