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Employment Law Articles

Male Caregivers Suffer Discrimination in the Workplace

Who owns your social media account and community when you resign?

Has The Time Come For Gay Rights In The Workplace?

7 Ways You Can Be Fired For Your Appearance -- Legally

How to work with people you don't like

7 Ways You Can Be Fired For Your Appearance -- Legally

Expert Q&A: How to Handle Illegal Job Application & Interview Questions

Can You Be Fired For Calling In Sick -- Even With A Doctor's Note?

Mom Fired For Selling Girl Scout Cookies At Work

The Difference Between Hiring Therapists As 1099 vs. W-2 (part 1)

8 Sensitive Issues an Interviewer Could, But Shouldn't, Ask About

Is news reporting creative? No, says U.S. government

String of EEOC Complaints Dogs WTHR

Beyond the Playground: When Bullying Elbows Its Way Into the Workplace

Your Job Isn't What The Employer Promised: Is That Illegal?

What rights temporary employees have in the workplace

Fired for being "too hot" at work?

Article about a whistleblower case

How to Conduct a Job Search With A Criminal Record

USA Today: Honesty On Crime Record Is the Best Policy

What You Need to Know Before Signing That Employment Contract

Top 25 Influencers in Employment Law - HR Examiner

Illegal ways some employers avoid paying overtime.

Employment Law Blog Carnival. The best employment law blogs in one handy place.

How to go about proving pay discrimination (and yes, male/female pay gap still exists)

Major League Soccer Manager Nowak Sues Team After Firing

Daily Business Review Justice Watch: Employers say 1938 labor law doesn't meet today's reality

GSHRM Legal Update

NLRB ruling that requiring confidentiality in investigations may be illegal

AOL Jobs: Comp time and holiday pay

The Proactive Employer: The criminalization of employment law

Thompson's Leave & Disability Coordination Newsletter, Point/Counterpoint column

AOL Jobs: How you can be fired for being an hour late for work, and when firing you for lateness might be illegal

Daily Business Review: Why employer "wellness programs" can be a trap for the unwary

Radio show: Religious discrimination at work:

False positives in drug tests

Choosing lawyers by specialty and what to look for.

CBS Moneywatch's Evil HR Lady: Review of Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired

Bullying at work: one of the top 10 most popular interviews:

Case says employers don't have to hold jobs open indefinitely for sick employees.

Is HR a friend or enemy to employees?

Live interview on religion at work | Blog Talk Radio

Severance agreements

Excerpt from Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired

AOL Jobs: Discrimination due to military service, other employment rights of veterans

Review of Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired

How to Spot and Stop Workplace Bullies

Review of Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired in The Dallas Morning News (login required)

Review of Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired, in Midwest Book Review

Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired reviewed in the Hartford Business Journal

My article in AOL Jobs about what you need to know about the right to strike at a non-unionized workplace

AOL Jobs re-ran an article I did about a prior hurricane. Here's what you need to know if your office is closed due to a storm.

NPR: Attorney Donna Ballman, How to Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired

Next Avenue: What to Know Before You Get Fired Or Laid Off

Can bosses tell employees who to vote for?

Employer docking everyone one day of pay, then giving a comp day the following month

Money Matters show, WBNW-AM, WESO-AM, and WPLM-AM

AOL Jobs: What laws might protect employees who lose their jobs due to Hurricane Sandy

Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired won first place in the 'Law' category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

HR Examiner reviews Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired

AOL Jobs: Types of discrimination that are legal

A review of Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired

Labor and Employment Law blog, Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home, named to ABA's Blawg 100

Do We Discriminate Against Fat People Because We Think They're Contagious?

AOL Jobs: Employers snooping on employees

What can you do if a coworker smells terrible? 

SHRM (login required): Updates employers need to do to their handbooks in the new year

Interview with Donna Ballman on Lawdragon

AOL Jobs: Right-To-Work laws:

Perfectionism at Work

Misunderstanding Workplace Rules Can Cost Your Job

Is veganism a protected religion under Title VII?

What to do if you are falsely accused at work.

Can an employer ask about mental illness in a job interview?

The "working" job interview: Do they have to pay for your time?

Seminar on April 12 in Ft. Lauderdale on Labor & Employment Law 2013

Court finds President's recess appointments unconstitutional

Employers who request employee and applicant social media passwords

How Convicts Get Jobs Without Lying

Judge: Legally, Breastfeeding Not Related to Pregnancy

The powerless American worker

How to Make Your Old Boss Want You Back

Fired Orange Workers File Federal Complaint to Contest Firing

8 Law Firm Workers Who Say They Were Fired for Wearing Orange Shirts File NLRB Complaint

How to Conduct a Job Search With a Criminal Record

Attorney: Judge's Ruling Means Big Employer is Watching

Can You Really be Fired for Being Too Hot?

Background-Check Tool Keeps Tabs on Sex Harassment Cases (Login Required)

Donna Ballman: "Old Mother******" Gets to Take His Age Harassment Case to a Jury, Court Says

8 Employment Law Tips to Know Before Starting a Business

Does Discrimination Still Exist? Of Course It Does

If the Office is Closed Due to Natural Disaster, Will I Be Paid?

How To Prevent Workplace Violence

It's Not Illegal to be a Jerk

What Can I Get If I Win A Case Against My Employer?

When Is Bullying and Harassment a California Labor Law Violation?

Beefed Up EEOC 'Back' with New Miami Leaders

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Demand Your Work Break

Top Nine Things You Need to Know About Your Employee Benefits

Salaried Workers, Do You Get Overtime Pay? Odds Are You Should!

4 Times When You Should Complain About Your Boss

15 Things You Need to Know About Disability Discrimination

Court: Private employers have the right to deny jobs to applicants who have filed for bankruptcy

Help! I'm Too Beautiful To Get Hired

Getting Schooled: Labor Law Crackdown Affects Businesses, Student Interns

Five Reasons Why the Walmart Decision Doesn't Affect Your Discrimination Case

Who Owns Your LinkedIn Profile? It Might Not Be You

About to Be Terminated? 10 Things You Must Do to Protect Yourself

Top 10 Things You Need to Know If You're Sexually Harassed at Work

Justice Watch: Pregnant woman who was fired wins key ruling

Unpaid Interns: Learning Experience or Illegal Exploitation?

Is Your Boss Reading Your Email?

10 Workplace Rights You Think You Have -- But Don't

Dismissal Over Web Posting Raises 1st Amendment Issue

Debating Politics at the Office: Is It Normal, Pushy or Flat-Out Inappropriate?

Are You Being Bullied in the Workplace???

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Severance Agreements: What to Think About Before You Sign One, and Why You Might Be Able to Get One Even if it Isn't Offered 

How bad credit can affect your job search

If I say ‘Settle,’ Take It as a Gift

How to Keep People Like Me Out of Your Workplace

A bridgetender gets her job back -- for now

Severance Agreements – What to Think About Before You Sign One, and Why You Might be Able to Get One Even if it Isn’t Offered (employees)

Severance Agreements – Why Have Them and What They Should Contain (employers)

Severance and Noncompete Agreements - Labor & Employment Roundtable article

Wrongful Termination: Under Florida Law

I've Been Harassed! What do I do?

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Discrimination Claims

An Employee Has Reported Sexual Harassment – Now What?

What To Do If Your Employer or Former Employer is Saying Something False About You

Your Terrible Employee Gets Pregnant or Injured – Now What?

You’ve Been Fired – What Can You Do About it Under Florida Law?

Florida Employment Law – A Clarification of the Issues

Non-Compete Agreements – Top 5 Ways to Get Out of Yours

Non-Compete Agreements – Top 5 Mistakes Employers Make


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