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By: Donna Ballman

Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired, Donna Ballman

"Donna Ballman's book is like having an employment attorney on call to guide workers through every stage of employment, from the job interview onward. It's exactly what employees need."
— Alison Green, author of Ask A Manager blog and career columnist for U.S. News and World Report

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  • Hate your job? Ready to quit?
  • Facing a layoff before you even have a chance to quit?
  • Is your boss is a flaming jerk? Think you might have a lawsuit?
  • If any of these scenarios apply to you, you are facing a crucial career moment. Mistakes and misinformation will cost you dearly.

In Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired, celebrated attorney Donna Ballman provides winning answers to these and many more tough questions, such as:

  • I think they're getting ready to lay me off. What can I do?
  • My boss is creating a hostile environment. Can I sue?
  • What does it mean if I sign a paper saying I’m an independent contractor and not an employee?
  • Am I exempt from overtime?

Whether you're a recent college grad or an almost-retiree, newly employed or laid off after 20 years; gay or married with kids; janitor or CEO…Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired will give you the specific and relevant advice you need to face any career-threatening situation…and come out ahead.

Of course, you could just say, "Screw you guys. I"m going home!"

Donna Ballman has been practicing employee-side employment law in Florida for over 35 years. Donna's book, Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired: Resolve Workplace Crises Before You Quit, Get Axed or Sue the Bastards, was named the Winner of the Law Category of the 2012 USA Best Books Awards. She is also the award-winning author of The Writer's Guide to the Courtroom: Let's Quill All the Lawyers, a book geared toward informing novelists and screenwriters about the ins and outs of the civil justice system. She's been practicing employment law, including negotiating severance agreements and litigating discrimination, sexual harassment, noncompete agreements, and employment law issues in Florida since 1986. Her blog on employee-side employment law issues, Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home, was named one of the ABA Blawg 100 best legal blogs 6 years in a row, one of the top 50 legal blogs in the inaugural ABA Web 100, and the 2011 Lexis/Nexis Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blogs. Paralegal411 rated her blog #4 in the Top 25 Employment Law Blogs for 2013.

She has written for The Huffington Post and has written a weekly column for AOL Jobs. She has also written for Forbes, and Ask A Manager on employment law issues. She has taught continuing legal education classes for lawyers and accountants through organizations such as the American Bar Association, National Employment Lawyers Association, Sterling Education Services, Lorman Education Services, Alison Seminars, the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, National Business Institute and community organizations. Ms. Ballman has published articles on employment law topics such as severance, non-compete agreements, discrimination, sexual harassment, and avoiding litigation. She's been interviewed by MSNBC, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Next Avenue, AARP, Lifetime Television Network, NPR, the Daily Business Review, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, and many other media outlets on employment law issues. She was featured on the Forbes Channel's "America's Most Influential Women" program on the topic of severance negotiations and non-compete agreements.